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 Teasel Root ( Radix Dipsaci)  Xu Duan - Meaning Fracture Healer


Teasel Root is a Kidney Yang Tonic Herb that is primarily used to heal, strengthen, and protect the skeletal structure. It is one of the main herbs used in traumatic injury to the skeleton. It is particularly used for repairing structural tissue (bones and ligaments) that have been damaged due to trauma. It also has the ability to help beautifully with the problems of Lymes Disease!


This herb is perfect for athletes and others who have experienced minor or severe structural injuries.  It can be used to safe-guard those who have had previous injuries or by those who are involved in dangerous activities wishing to do all that they can to fortify the structure of the body. It is just as effective for older people who are experiencing structural difficulties simply due to aging.


Teasel also helps relieve the swelling due to structural trauma and even ageing. It is very useful for damaged spinal structure, knee injuries and any structural tissue damage.

 This is routinely used during pregnancy in China to strengthen the mother's back and to calm the fetus. It is often used to relieve bleeding during pregnancy which can threaten the life of the fetus.


This extremely valuable herb has some of the classic Kidney tonic functions as well helping strengthen sexual function and relieving back pain.


Teasel Root also helps improve blood flow by opening up the blood vessels being  useful in any condition where the blood vessels are constricted. It is especially effective when the constriction includes pain.


It is effectively combined with Tien Chi,  Eucommia, Drynaria, Morinda Root,  and Dang Gui  which we have put together in our formula called Structural Strength. This is the best Tonic Herbal Formula I have ever seen for structural damage of any kind.