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Ba Ji Tian Morindae Officinalis


Morinda Root is one of the best Yang essence tonic herbs on the earth!


Morinda is a superb athletes herb and is one of the most important energy vitalizing herbs of the tonic herb class. (Including Mental Energy) It is great for Working Energy when combined with Ginsengs.


It is also used to increase sexual energy in men and women, quickly opening up these channels when consumed. This makes it very good for impotence.


Also it is very helpful for soreness of the lower back and week sore knees.

It is used by women for infertility and frigidity with great success. It is often combined with Epimedium  Praying Mantis Egg Case, Dong Gui, Lycium Fruit and Schizandra for this as seen in  Blissful Jing For Her. Morinda is also part of Blissful Jing For Him.

Morinda is known to increase mental power. The ancient Taoists, who came up with the whole Theory of Yin and Yang, practiced the use of Morinda Root for this. This is why it is in our "Think Clear" Formula. It is beneficial to the heart and has been effective in treating hypertension. All this would seem to point to better circulation of blood on many levels!

 It is not only powerful in its function but extremely well tolerated by almost anyone. 

 It is also considered a major longevity herb and is found in many formulas for this.