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Dang Gui


As a blood tonic, Dang Gui is incomparable. Few herbs are as safe or as potent when used as blood tonics. It is commonly used by millions of people to treat common anemia. It can be used after an illness, injury or surgery to rebuild red blood cells and to increase blood volume. It is very commonly used by women to build blood. It is most frequently used after a woman’s menstrual period has concluded, in order to replenish blood which has been lost. Dang Gui is found in numerous general tonic formulations as part of the blood-building component of the formula. Men as well as women benefit from strong blood.

Dang Gui is Tonic Herbal Medicine’s most important gynecological herb. It is used in almost all formulas designed to treat dysmenorrhea and other menstrual disturbances. It has an analgesic action in the case of dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) which is attributed to its biphasic, regulating effect on the uterus. Dang Gui is mildly sedative and soothing to nervous disorders and excessive emotionalism.


The root of Angelica sinensis contains a small but potent quantity of volatile oil (0.2-0.4%) of which about 35-50% is ligustilide. The characteristic aroma associated with Radix Angelica is the result of a volatile oil called n-butylidene phthalide and a “fragrant-lemon” lactone. The root contains vitamin B12 (0.25-0.4mg/100 g.), nicotinic acid, folic acid, folinic acid, biotin and vitamins A and E and sucrose. In addition, it contains a fixed oil, palmitic acid, b-sitosterol, b-sitosteryl palmitate, ferulic acid, succinic acid, uracil and adenine. Of course the whole plant also has many unidentified or unknown constituents as designed by God in His perfection.