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Tian Men Dong or "Shatavri" (Wild Asparagus Root) 

Wild Asparagus Root (Tian Men Dong) is called Shatavri in India. In Chinese medicine, It is used as a shen tonic and a kidney yin-jing tonic. It is tonic to the lungs and then to the spirit (shen) associated with the heart. (Feelings of  compassionate love and good will) It is taken by men or women for this but it does have a truly great and special effect on women as you will read below.

Used As a Natural Antidepressant:

Many times I have taken a few dropper fulls of the tincture or just eaten a piece of the raw root right before bed and have obtained a very good sleep with wonderful peaceful thoughts just before falling asleep. It is very nice.

Scientifically there must be a center in the brain where these kind of thoughts and feelings are stimulated but I can tell it is not just in the brain! It is a feeling generated mostly in the lungs (See below) then transformed into thoughts.
Throughout life, we all have bad experiences. When the lung energy is strong, we can pass through these experiences and then let them go. Wild Asparagus is unsurpassed by any other herb in this ability to let go of the bad things of life, emotional waste, and in allowing us to expand our view of life with each passing day. In short, Tian Men Dong increases the lung's ability to extract "Heaven Qi"  from the air we breath and helps to bring us peace through Gods plan for our lives on earth.  

Tian Men Dong is truly a natural anti depressant and this is why it is used in our well known Calm Down formula.

Used As An Excellent Herb For Women:
Shatavri translates into "she who has a 1000 husbands" and is said to give a woman the reproductive strength to have 1000 husbands! (Calm down ladies)

Shatavri (Tien Men Dong) has been used in India for thousands of years as a rejuvenating tonic for the female system. Through all generations, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers, Shatavri helps to balance a woman during the cycles through her life. This amazing root provides soothing, restorative relief from PMS, menstrual and menopausal imbalances and helps to tone and strengthen her reproductive system. Shatavri works well with dong quai, wild yam and Vitex berries for this as in the well known Plant Cures Formula "Fem O Pross"

Long term use of Tien Men Dong will make the skin soft and smooth. It is also used with great success to strengthen the sexual functions in women and men and is used in women's sexual tonics designed to overcome frigidity on the physical level. The Tincture of Tian Men Dong combined with He Shou Wu   also has a very good effect on this.  Many Chinese women consider Tian Men Dong a powerful sexual stimulant.

It is also used to help restore beauty (Along with sexual energy) as in the powerful product based on an ancient Chinese formula called  Radiant Beauty

Used As A Lung and "Wisdom" Tonic:
The Chinese say that "wisdom comes from the lungs." It becomes clear to see why they believe that wild Asparagus root aids in the development of wisdom.

Throughout life our bad experiences become valuable lessons. The Lung function, as it affects our psyche, allows a person to extract the truth and wisdom out of life's experiences. It also allows us to let go of that which is useless and of no lasting value.  From this we can gain lasting wisdom!

As a major lung tonic as well as a major kidney tonic it will make your skin beautiful as the lungs along with good kidney function will feed the moisture to your skin in perfect balance.For the lungs t
his powerful tonic herb combines  very well with Schizandrae  and Siberian Ginseng 

Used As A Kidney Yin/Jing  Sexual Tonic:

Used bt itself it can be quite effective but it combines well with Wolfberry and can be used as such to balance and enhance the strong Yang effects from taking powerful sexual tonic herbs such as Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) . This elemanates the headachs some get from Epimedium yet enhances its powerful sexual energy.

These herbs (Along with quite a few others) are of course part of our famous "Blissful Jing" formulas 
for sexual energy in men and women. 
The roots are also sold in 4 Oz and 1 Lb. bags for eating. These soft dried roots are very chewy and have a very nice sweet pleasant taste.

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