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  Epimedium Leaf: A Seriously Powerful Sexual Tonic For Men Or Women

This is also known as "Horny Goat Weed".It has been observed for centuries that when goats eat this plant, they soon begin copulating! The effect can be very quick. There are also many other non sexual benefits of this amazing herb. It will strengthen the bones and joints, calm and relax the heart and is a strong immune system regulator. The plant lowers high blood pressure, yet will not affect blood pressure that is already low.

This is a very powerful Yang tonic. It is most likely the single most powerful sexually stimulating natural substance on earth. Even more so than the animal based products such as deer antler velvet. It is very rare for the leafy plants or any plant for that matter to be so powerful and quick acting!

It has a very stimulating effect on all the sensory nerves throughout the body, but in particular, the genital region of both men and women! One might think something like this would have some sort of adverse health condition over the years but it has been included in many longevity formulas for centuries. Many people taking it have lived well past one hundred years!
As a recipe for a great night of sex for married couples the tea is drunk all day (3-5 cups) and the powerful tincture is drunk  (1-2 Tablespoons) about an hour before engaging in love making. (Trust me it works!)  

The one thing people should consider when taking Epimedium is that as a yang tonic, it is quite warm and drying. Therefore if you already have somewhat of a warm dry yang constitution, Epimedium should be combined with yin tonics such as  Asparagus Root.  A mild headache could develop with out proper balance. Besides, combining Yin-Jing tonics such as these with Epimedium will only magnify the already amazing sexual effects of the plant as well as its overall health benefits so it is a Win / Win situation!

 Yin Yang Huo is of course in our Blissful Jing Products as well as many of our longevity formulas. This can be a real blessing for young and old alike and not just for sexual reasons. This is truly a treasured gift from God's plant creations.


Sold in large 100 gram bags of loose leaves. They can be crushed up a bit with your hands for a great tasting tea or even making your own tinctures. 

This is also
Sold in 4 Oz. glass dropper bottles and big16 oz glass bottles of Yin Yang Huo Tinctures.

100 Grams Epimedium leaf $15.95
Epimedium Tincture 4 oz $29.95
Epimedium Tincture 16 oz 99.80 You save a full $20.00!